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If you are looking for a winter activity to keep you and your bff (best furry friends) happy and busy and want to be part of a positive and supportive online mushing community, Iron Paws is for you! We even offer an Old Dog Rules (ODR) class for pups that still want to play but can’t run with the team anymore due to age or health concerns. Come and play with us this winter!


The first part of the fun and action takes place out on the trail where you do your favourite mushing activity with your dog. If your dog is pulling you in harness, we can find a class for you. You will join a state team, and if you live near other participants or recruit your friends to play you will also meet up a few times for group activities – following social distancing guidelines, of course!


The second part is filled with fun and sometimes silly challenges that you and your pup must do together. You will snap photos or take video of your adventures and share them on our private facebook page with your fellow mushers. You can participate in the challenges that sound fun to you, and ignore the rest. You will be sharing your winter with mushers all over Australia (and New Zealand).

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